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so several months ago i was aked to take photos of a friends wedding, actually it was a handfasting cermony, which is the reason i was asked cause i know about ceremonies

anyhoo the bride liked the photos, *phew* cause that ain't stressfull..  and it is very hard work to run about a handfasting or wedding and take photos of interesting things.. you mind is quite active and you have to be pretty hyper alert to the action going on around you.  i can see why, wedding photographers, are 1 expensive, and 2 that there are at least two.

anyway.. i thought you would all like to see some of the photos that i took and liked

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Catherine Wedding 5741

so there you go.. for someone who is not really a photographer.. i think i did alright.. well i like a lot of the photos..

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today flowers...

on my way to work, i have a pretty sweet view, and then there were flowers, actually they are grown outside a funeral home..which i think is lovely!

moving to brooklyn 004
just as i step out of my house..

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yay.. also this weekend i spend some time taking photos of a friend, it was fun, but very tiring.. still i would do this again, just cause i like taking photos of peoples.. :D
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there used to be baking stuff...

so as happens when you move from one place to another to another, to another, with flatmates and even sometimes with out flatmates, stuff vanishes into some weird either or alternative universal space.. this time it has been a bunch of the baking stuff i once had,, namely two muffin trays, and a baking tray, oh and my sieve, which was a white one.. however these are all easily replaced, well over the next several paydays.. and maybe with a kitchen swap house warming afternoon tea thrown in for good measure.  yeah.. do be do

in the meantime.. have a picture of one of my altars with all the skulls.. whoot

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the great unpacking continues

I have moved to a place by my self.. its pretty cool, and a little bit colder than my previous place, due to the the age of the new place being somewhere around 100 years when they wore lots of layers of woolie undies.. but its mine and its just lovely.. the place not the woolie undies..

so far i have unpacked most of the kitchen, cause i didn't have that much kitchen stuff to begin with , and eventually i may have a kitchen swap house warming afternoon tea.. cause that could be fun!  i have this idea that nothing will match, all the crockery and utensiles will all be different, but in a fun way same with all the containers for baking ingredients and cake tins etc etc...

my bedroom is waiting on a wardrobe which i am borrowing from russiandolls its pretty.. and then will be saving up some monies for a new tall boy or something similar.. so that my clothes live in draws and not the floor .. *nods*  i am also going to need two oilfin heaters or similar so that its not to cold and will have to prod rivet about that plastic stuff she put on her windows when she lived over here cause i figure that is going to be a must later on in the winter.. *nods*.. actually i could proberly put it on a couple of the bedroom windows nowish cause they don't open so much.. *ponders this*

and i am now slowly unpacking the lounge that has no chairs.. but loads of witchypoo stuff..

witches corner

and there will be a whole like photo shoot when i have done upacking.. *nods*
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Excited nerves

so i am at the stage of excited nerves as i am moving in 4 more sleeps..mostly it is not about the being there it is the getting there, making sure the moving men turn up on time, and move my stuff from my house to another one..

i also need help of someone with a car to take my delicate stuff, eg my artwork, and computer, and sewing machines, so that they don't get broken.. O.O  someone with a car that is not broken..   if you would like to help out it would be on satruday morning would be good. or afternoon.. :D

but i am sure this will happen as it is want to do..

i have sorted a wardrobe.. whoot russiandolls and a couch and chair, also have sorted power, internets and mostly gas, and on sunday i would like to do a grocery shop... so i can drink tea and eat.. cause that would be good.. i suspect my first stop will be the markets on sunday morning.. might need to get a new shopping trundler for that.. my old one is ... well its old..

then there is the shopping for cleaning stuff to..i figure it will do it a bit at a time, cause that is how i roll.. *nods*

and then after i have mostly upacked, there will be a kitchen swap afternoon tea for my house warming, mostly so i can have kitchen stuffs.. like you know plates,dinner, lunch, cups, bowls, saucers..  none which i want to match.. cause i am weird arty like that,

so yeah.. excited nerves ahoy!!
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I has new home!!

and its in Brooklyn, (Wellington, New Zealand that is not NY mmk)  where all the cool kids are.. whee

it is a Huge one bed room, so i am going to need some things.. funiture like things..  and some other house like things.. cause currently i have a bed, bedroom funiture, some lots bookshelves,  a iron bakers rack, a desk and dest chair, various altar type things,. oh and an ironing board.. O.O

so i figure i am going to need

two oil heaters,
two lounge chairs,
maybe even a beanbag..
coffiee table. (although i might already have one of those)
and maybe a little dining table and chairs which can double as a craft table.. *nods*

gonna need some kitchen stuff to..
pots and pans,
dinner wear.. (which i want to be all different cause i am werid like that)
utensils (to cook with)
cake tins to bake cakes in
containers for flour, sugar, and other baking/cooking  type stuff
lamps for the lounge

 i reccons thats enough for to start.. more is sure to come up..but that will do for now..

so if anyone has any of these things that might be looking for a new home for free or not very much or exchange of skills, i am happy to take them off your hands hooray ♥

yay a new home for me and the cat.. whoot

*skips about*

i move in two weeks.. whoot
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I have Feathers...

which means there may will be photos of feathers.  and when i say i have feathers i mean LOTS like 100 or so which i ordered from FeatherGirl, although there was some issues, aka a lost courier,  but it all worked out in the end.. hooray...

however as my laptop is currently with the Dr Moblies, i will not be posting up photos.. well not for a couple of days..

whee feathers..  i will be getting a glue gun and that light wood stuff soon to.. *squee*
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A New Lens oh My

I brought a New lens for my trusty camera, and its pretty.. it also takes pretty photos. its little and is an EF 50mm with a 1:18 aperture, well that is what it says on the front of the actual lens.

so pictures what i took with said new lense

Lucky for me there was a stunning set on the day i brought my new lense, and it looked like this

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so there you go.. photos with fun new lens..